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1 Brand influence.

After 20 years of exploration and efforts, Baling tech has set up its own excellent brand and attracted a large number of loyal customers replying on accurate product positioning and strong brand effect. At the same time, Baling tech has established almost nationwide business outlets and specialty services. All users are able to enjoy high quality service whenever and wherever they are. Simple and convenient .

2 Production Capacity.

Production capacity is the core power of enterprise’s vitality, is the basic ability of ensuring enterprise’s stability and development. Up to now, Baling Tech has been struggling in the lock industry for twenty years, lock making experience is so abundant and incomparable that other emerging enterprises cannot compare.Furthermore, Baling tech closely follow the world trend, has introduced many foreign advanced production equipment, from R & D, production, promoting to after-sale service, formed its own unique management channel.

3 Technical Research and Development.

Strong R& D capability is vitally essential for an enterprise to achieve a qualitative leap, on the contrary, the enterprise is prone to be eliminated by the market in the event of remaining stagnant, Baling technology is one of domestic rarely seen lock manufacturers which has a powerful capability of advanced electronic and mechanical R& D strength.

On this basis, Baling tech has been developing a variety of new high tech, practical products every year continuously, we won both the marketplace and good fame.

4 Industrial Design

Industrial design capability is an evident advantage of Baling. Which has hundreds of professional national patent, senior designer team, inspection personnel, A perfect combination of these three, It makes excellent products, fashionable, artistic, economical and affordable, and meets various demands of consumers. 

5 After-sale service

After years of development, the competition in this industry has been inclining to after-sale service from preliminary product quality, price, appearance and functional purposes.etc.It is difficult to keep a foothold in this field without an excellent and thoughtful after-sale service guarantee. Therefore, Baling strives to offer the most convenient, efficient after-sale service to customers. Then a professional after-sale service team was specially built accordingly. Meanwhile, Baling Expert Lecturers would launch a rounded and sustainable aperiodical training of dealers, agents, customer service, after-sale service staffs.