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20 years of honorable development history from criterion to benchmark

1993      BALING was born, A new star which was predestined to be brilliant.
1993      It’s bound to be a marvelous year when BALING was founded, made the first “S”groove lock cylinder.the first S to produce baring groove lock core.                                                                           
1995      Sonorous solid footprint all the way of growth.
1995      Establishment of department of foreign trade, entered the global market.
1998      Had initially introduced Italy Lock Making Equipment.
2000      The first full brass lock was developed.
2003      Relocated in the new industrial park of 15,000 square meters.
2003      Firstly passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification.
2004      Chinese awarded outstanding lock enterprises.
2005      The first set of electronic locks developed.
2007      The first set of hotel smart door lock system developed.
2008      BALING went through a glorious history from criterion to benchmark in the field.
2008      Be awarded national high-tech enterprise, Guang dong province private technology enterprise.
2009      Won the Guang dong Province famous trademark.
2009      Renamed Guang dong BALING Technology Co., Ltd.
2010      The first smart fingerprint door lock developed.
2011      The first fingerprint anti-theft lock developed.
2013      The first Smart anti-theft lock developed.