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Ten Standard For The Fingerprint Door Locks(一)

Publisher: Management   Release time:2016-02-17
Whether family just use lock, or need to replace a new lock, want to choose a high-security performance and have superior quality fingerprint. Therefore, we in the selection and purchase of Fingerprint Door Lock, fingerprint lock must examine the following ten standard:

1.ANSI certification

Fingerprint really is 2005 from the United States into China. When the United States first brand of high-end fingerprint lock Gill and Fortune 500 companies dominated the high-end fingerprint Ingersoll market. Therefore, the general quality and reliable fingerprint, must pass through the United States the highest quality level --ANSI certification.

ANSI certified as the world's most stringent highest level of quality certification, product quality assurance and symbol. The certification by the operation of the product, life, strength, safety, surface and materials rigorous testing requirements of unified standards and technology, uniform interpretation, to the technical requirements of the standard and consistent understanding to enhance the core competitiveness of the product, giving the biggest buyers trust.

2.All the anti-style design

Fingerprint door lock security as a high-tech products, not only can protect the family property, but also allows the family to use the rest assured. Especially in the current social contradictions fundamental problem still exists, lock with full anti-style design is very important. High performance security lock, will perfect blend of traditional and modern high-tech machinery and technology of fingerprint identification technology, theft, riot, waterproof, fireproof, moisture, corrosion, temperature proof, shock-proof, wear, rain, sun, etc. 360 ° full-proof formula patented design and structure are pure stainless steel, the highest security.

3.The locking function that is closed

In our daily lives, often forget to close all locked, especially vulnerable groups (such as the elderly or children) will forget lock the door switch, it will leave home with the tail risk of theft.
When selecting lock, fingerprint lock to know whether they have closed lock function that can eliminate this security troubles, use a more assured.

4. Perfect after sales service

According to industry professionals to observe the current fingerprint lock manufacturers of sales and service points network are generally not large, not even service points, service and commitment to the formation of a dummy.When buying lock, fingerprint lock must understand there is no national brand of service points, there is no user-opened National unity free service hotline, and promised a 24-hour program questions.

5.U-type free hand

On the market, many do not have the U-type fingerprint free grip function.
Because, lock products with a U-shaped handle free feature, you can care to vulnerable groups (such as the elderly and children) accidental injury when using, showing fingerprint lock brand imaginative in design. And, U-shaped handle can be free of violence and to prevent the misuse of anti-phenomenon.
Therefore, we must look at whether the fingerprint with U-free grip.