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Ten Standard For The Fingerprint Door Locks(二)

Publisher: Management   Release time:2016-02-19
6. The company's branded products

The real lock, generally go through five years of sedimentation, otherwise the quality of the product is not guaranteed. Also, an excellent quality of fingerprint products, clinical trials to go through locks, fingerprint recognition technology, user feedback, product development, product design, mold making, casting, stamping, drilling, lathes, wire cutting, electronic applications, polishing plating, assembly, quality control and other 110 processes.


7. The project approval authority

Before fingerprint highly confidential and are generally used for high-level security options, civilian is only developed in recent years. Reliable fingerprint lock brands usually used on some national authority.
For example, in the Great Hall of the office using fingerprint. These items recognized authority: one fingerprint of cutting-edge technology to get national recognition, the second is the strength of this brand credibility affirmed.


8. Multi-point latch protection

Now the complex social issues, security locks performance received more attention. Fingerprint generally made of stainless steel bolt, but most are single fingerprint lock bolt, lock especially Korea, it is not suitable for Chinese people.
Because single lock lock Korea certainly easy to be forced open, or not up to the performance of security and riot. The fingerprint has a multi-point latch, and is by far the most superior performance and maximum security. So choose not to see the appearance of fingerprint lock, also look within.


9. The use of bio-class fingerprint recognition technology

Fingerprint locks have become the new generation of representatives, the key lies in the use of bio-class fingerprint recognition technology, the use of human uniqueness of a fingerprint and can not be copied. Here wide push US bio class fingerprint recognition technology.
Because more than 50 million people in the world among each person's fingerprint is unique, and the world is not one that leaves exactly the same. There are US bio class fingerprint recognition technology in the use of the fingerprint identification, on the human body temperature, the temperature, and even the speed of blood flow has certain requirements, to prevent the illegal copying and use of molecular fingerprints of risks, a good solution the key to open the door to others generic questions to ensure safe use, make fingerprint unrivaled high security performance


10. The use of a wide range of customers.

Most people buy things, is certainly a good thing. Fingerprint can use a wide range, indicating that the quality of this brand of fingerprint feasible, good reputation, or else there will be a steady stream of users to buy.
The best choice is to have a global user, indicating that fingerprint rising value, and establish an interactive user experience, enhance user fingerprint trust.
Smart door lock security products are high-tech, more and more people like it. Especially with the Chinese people pay attention to the quality of life, then install on their home on a high international standard fingerprint lock brand products, is undoubtedly more home shows taste and temperament.