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BALING New Products Release Conference and Marketing Summit

Publisher: Management   Release time:2016-07-22

BALING New Products Release Conference and Marketing Summit


From July 6 to July 7 in 2016,a two-day BALING new products release conference and Marketing Summit successfully held in Humen Rich Wood Garden Hotel. The conference "Precise Craftship • Guide Future with Intelligence" as the theme, elaborate the  BALING’s insistence of craftmanship  and intelligence for 23 years perfectly.


  The conference received highly attention from all over the industry,  Chairman Mr. Jiang ChiShi, general manager Mr. Jiang QiWei, executive vice president of China's hardware industry technology innovation strategic alliance Liuzeng Hui,  the Secretary-General Zhao ZhiYu, more than 100 distributor and media from across the country also have attended the new products release conference, to witness this great event, and set off a new attention wave of BALING new smart products.




At 11:00 on July 6, new products release conference started, general manager of BALING TECH gave the opening remarks, and warm welcome to everyone, at the same time, China's Hardware Industry Technology innovation and strategic alliances, executive vice president Mr. Liu Zenghui made the congratulatory speech, and wish the conference a complete success.




The content of the conference include: a short film of BALING sprit, launching the new products release conference, runway show and introduction of new products, distributor questions, interviews of guests. The new products conference launched a total of UF-61, NF-21, MF-51, ST-52, EZ-31 five new product.



July 7the Marketing Summit Forum was held as scheduled, Mr. Jiang firstly give a terrific Q&A of smart home, caused a heated discussion,  new vision and idea for the smart home;



One of the top ten distributor Mr. Chen give us the practical experience and a new idea of the e-commerce sales; Jiuding (China) senior lecturer in marketing consulting agency Wang JianSi, pointed out a new path and new ways of marketing for the current economic situation.


On the reciprocal banqute, wonderful performances and the five round of golden eggs activities  applause last the whole night, well prepared gifts sent one by one.



Present lock market is growing emphasis on product details, user experience, user-friendly products, product quality and industrial design in the integration of culture and personal taste concerns; companies pay more attention to quality and brand, focus on product innovation and patent applications, and knowledge property protection, pay attention to environmental protection and energy security. Biometric technology and the rise of intelligent lock and the common development of intelligent hardware will apply anti-theft locks and hardware upgrade to a new height, intelligent home will be possible to enter the homes of ordinary people in the near future.



In the future, BALING focus on the direction and research of docking biological recognition lock, intelligent interior door locks to smart home perfectly, and strive to provide more users safe, smart and convenient products in the areas of commercial, residential, schools, public facilities!


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